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SEO Assessments, Strategy, Monitoring

Search Engine Optimization Assessments

A comprehensive audit of your website encompassing over 11 areas critical to SEO indexing and ranking. The report includes an executive summary with all recommendations and action items in order of priority. Each assessment includes a one-hour live review. The report will be delivered electronically in either a Word or PDF format.

Websites of 5-11 Pages
3 Competitors
20 Keyword Search Terms
Websites of 12-30 Pages
3 Competitors
50 Keyword Search Terms
FROM $529/Each
Includes All Features
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SEO Assessment Features

Executive Summary

A summary of the methods used to conduct the audit, ranking reports, and critical assessment reports to provide highlights to essential areas of weakness and improvement for the web site. The summary includes recommendations as well as giving a prioritized list of tasks for improvement.

Competitive Search Engine Ranking Report & Summary

A highlight of the raw data that combines the information from the concise and ranking analysis with the keyword validation and research information to show precisely how your site is ranking and its effectiveness as a marketing tool on the Internet and how it compares to your competitor’s web sites.

Keyword Density – Relevancy Report

This document shows both the keyword density of a given page and shows how a search engine interprets this content with a visual display of the page contents. Very useful in identifying content usage and keyword usage within a page.

Back Link Profile & Internal Link Audit

A backlink report is detailing the number of links coming to the site from outside the site’s domain name and IP address. This “Link Popularity” report also reveals the domain authority of your link profile and identifies “Bad” links to be removed.

Site Indexing Report

A website needs to be indexed before it can ever appear in a search results page, so it is crucial to identify if all your pages are being indexed or determine what problems exist.

Optimization Analysis Reports

This section is for the multiple one-page reports regarding your web site’s pages being compared to Google top-ranked pages providing a gap analysis. Pages provide an objective comparison with details to improve the page’s optimization.

Technical Analysis Reports

This section is for the multiple technical reports for the industry-leading SEO programs providing detailed technical issues that significantly affect your website.

Page Load Speed Report

This checks the speed it takes for the website to load and to identify any parameters that can help improve speed and thus improve Google search ranking.

Website Code & Structure Hierarchy Review

This unique program provides a detailed overview to quickly identify issues and trends that can affect your website’s SEO performance and usability issues.

SEO Content Analysis

This compares up to 3 main pages by comparing a selected page’s content to that of the top 10 sites for a target keyword. It provides a rating between 1-10 on how well the content will compete against the top ten ranked pages, It provides recommendations for target and vector keywords and amount of text needed to be competitive.

Local Search Audit

This report shows how effective the Google My Business Listing and Local Search aspects of the site are set up for SEO.

Analytics Audit

This report shows how analytics results affect overall SEO scores and related root cause issues of poor ranking. (Requires Admin Access to Analytics at the Manager/Collaboration Level)

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