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Add an FTP Account in cPanel

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Add an FTP Account in cPanel

To add an FTP account in cPanel, log into your cPanel account either through your Client Portal or directly through cPanel ( In the cPanel search bar, type “FTP” and then click FTP Accounts.

cPanel FTP

To create a new FTP account simply fill out the Add FTP Account form including the user name, password, directory, and usage Quota. We recommend utilizing the password generator to ensure you’ve created a strong password. The directory field determines which directory and sub-directories the FTP user has access to.  For full access to the home directory leave this field blank. To limit the amount of data usage for a user set the quota limit.

Add FTP account

Connect with an FTP Account

To connect with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) you will need FTP client Software. Filezilla and CoreFTP are common programs. You could also utilize code editor software with built-in FTP like Adobe Dreamweaver. To connect you will need the FTP username and password, the server address or host address, and the port number. cPanel offers common FTP client software configuration files for download. Add an FTP Account in cPanel Note: In some instances it will be required to use the IP address in place of the FTP address or host address. ( instead of Connect to a Server with FTP

Helpful Tip: Easily access your cPanel with a single login through the Client Portal.  Log into your client portal at  Click here for more articles on managing cPanel.

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