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Register a New Domain

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Register a New Domain

Step 1

To register a domain name with navigate to the registration page found here. Enter the domain name you would like to register.

Domain registration availability checker

Once you have selected an available domain name you may select addons such as DNS managment, ID protection, and email forwarding.  You may also add hosting. Once checkout is complete you will receive your order confirmation number.

Domain registration options

Step 2

Once you’ve completed selecting your domain addons, click continue to review and checkout.

Domain registration review and checkout

Step 3

Once you successfully register a domain and completed your order you will receive a several confirmation, receipt, and notification emails from You will also receive two verification emails from  These emails will have the subjects: IMMEDIATE VERIFICATION required for and Set your data use consent preferences Follow the instructions within these emails to verify and configure your domain name.

ICANN domain email confirmaation
ICANN data use consent form